Do you know that all cooks must have good kitchen knives or they would be unable to cook? In some cases, it could be even worse if you have a poor kitchen knife! However, you should not worry any more as this article presents you with the list of the best kitchen knives that you should have for your kitchen chores.

Many kitchen knives manufacturers have come up with sophisticated kitchen knives. Now, when you set foot at any cutlery store, you will be challenged to select the best knife from a list of amazingly awesome knives. 

Nevertheless, if you want to settle down for a good kitchen knife, some important factors must be considered. 

  • Check on the type of the material that has been used to make the blades; look for high carbon steel blades
  • Look for a knife with firm construction; the blade and the handle must be tightly fitted
  • The handle; look for a well-designed, good grip, and ergonomic handle that feels right when you pick it up
  • Generally, let the quality dictate its price

Having the above tips at the back of your mind, you are more likely to buy the right knife for your kitchen. In this regard, the following are some of the best kitchen knives currently available in the leading cutlery stores:

Chroma 301 Knives by Porsche

This is the top rated number one kitchen knife as from the reviews from satisfied customers. Forged from Japanese steel and designed by cutlery legendary F.A. Porsche. This knife is a sleek all-steel, one-piece construction offering a great blade. In general, this knife offers a high-end look with a price tag of $120.

Randy Rodriguez on Chroma 301
"I bought this knife as a Christmas present for my daughter. We had attended a knife course at a local chain in Chicago and had the chance to use several high quality kitchen knives. This particular knife (and the whole set) is outstanding for women who don't have large wrists and forearms for cutting all day. It's lightweight, well balanced and has no hiding place for food residue. The blade is razor thin and razor sharp. It should be cleaned immediately after use and returned to safe storage. It would be easy to get a severe cut just from a glancing touch of the blade. It is also easy to thin-slice 10 pounds of potatoes and 2 pounds of sweet potatoes in record time and without breaking a sweat. I'm a long-time Santoku fan but I'm happy to play with the Chromas anytime. If I wasn't old already, these would be my lifetime knives, even though I think they're ugly. Ah, well..."

Wusthof Kitchen knife

This is the oldest knife ever manufactured, which dates back to 1814. As the saying goes, old is gold, this knife stands out with amazing German looks and solid construction. Its handle has been riveted nicely with its blade offering great grip when cutting. Just like the previous knife, its blade is made of high quality, high-carbon stainless steel. Wushof knife prices range between $55 and $200 depending on the size.

J. A Henckels Knife

Right from Germany, this knife is the classic kitchen choice. It offers amazing features like easy to sharpen blades, long-lasting handles, and many different looks. Other features common to a good knife is embedded in this device. It is price tag ranges from $130 to $450.

The list of the best kitchen knives is just endless. However, the above stands out in terms of amazing designs and quality. Therefore, whenever you are looking for a good kitchen knife, then, you need to consider buying any of the above.

I am a great coffee fan and I have been visiting those espresso bars to enjoy hot and delicious flavors of some of the best espressos in city. I have tasted the famous ones like cappuccino, cafe latte, and cafe mocha. But every time when I go to these cafes a question arises in my mind - 'What is the secret of these coffees?' So to find the answer for my question I did some research and came to a conclusion that their secret is in the quality of coffee, and one very special machine i.e. 'espresso machine'.

Espresso machine makes those very tiny bubbles in the coffee that increases its taste. A shot of espresso is made by forcing 1.5 ounces of hot water through tightly packed, finely grained espresso coffee. This is how they get the delicious flavour and you can't do this with hands. So finally I decided to buy that machine for myself and started looking on the stores for an affordable one. Now there are many machines available on the stores and on internet. The price ranges from $100 to $1000. But if you are looking for a machine for your home having a small family than don't go for those bulky and classical type machines. I searched on Amazon for them and found many nice and compact designs for my home. Finally I have chosen De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker. 

I have chosen this one because it is very sleekly designed, compact, and easy to handle espresso maker. The water reservoir of this machine is of good size and you can make 8-10 shots before you need to refill it. The heating time of this machine is fast (1 min approx.), good frothing wand, and you don't have to wait between frothing and brewing. The price of this machine ($99.95) is reasonable for what qualities it can provide you with. So enjoy a great cup of espresso and start your morning with good thoughts.

My grandma was the best cook in my entire family, she has a way about keeping things old school, having all those tools that she got even before my parents were born, and it's a miracle that these things still stay usable after all those years. 

Every time she would remind either me or my mother that "you should always buy the best kitchen cookware, and when you do, you take good care of it, the kitchen will take good care of you too", clearly her choice of best cookware is no joke, and it's clear in how those things last and how great her food tastes.

Imagine starting out with a crappy pot that can't hold its temperature, you will end up with uneven heating, which of course leads to partially over or uncooked meals.

So the next time you have a hole in your pot or your cooking turns its ugly roasted rear at you, just remember that it's not entirely your fault.

The Love for Rice



If you grew up eating rice every day, it might be that you have become an avid lover or hater of rice. I eat rice every day and am still fond of various rice dishes. Rice is a popular dish for many people. 

For people like us, the rice cooker is a great invention and a must-have in our homes. Rice is a favorite mainly because it can be cooked in so many ways, and this process can be made much easier using the best rice cookers.

Nowadays rice cookers come with fuzzy logic technology or computerization so that your rice will turn out perfect no matter what. Of course, you can also get a simple rice cooker for a small price. Whether you are looking for a one-button rice cooker or one with multiple functions like settings for brown rice, soups and porridge, there are a few things you should take note of. 

One of these is the inner pot of the rice cooker. Choose a non stick pot not only for easy cleaning, but also for less waste as the rice will slide out of the pan easily without leaving any crust in the pan. Some people prefer a stainless steel pot because they are wary of using cookware with non stick coatings

Simple rice cookers are widely available from brands like Aroma. Aroma rice cookers are affordable and easy to use. Most of them also come with a steamer for steaming veggies or fish on top of the rice. They are highly popular as they are cheap and useful. Many Aroma rice cooker reviews can be found at online.

If you are looking for a fuzzy logic rice cooker you may consider Zojirushi or Panasonic rice cookers. These rice cookers are just as easy to use and provide numerous settings for the user. You can even bake a cake in some of these rice cookers!

Here are some great rice recipes that I like to use when I'm in the mood for fancy rice dishes

Golden Basmati Rice with Peas [JennasEverythingBlog]

2 cups basmati rice
4 cups water
4 TBS butter
1 TBS turmeric
1 tsp salt
2 cups frozen peas (or more, to taste)
Cilantro to garnish, optional
Put the rice, salt, and turmeric in the rice cooker and stir everything around until combined. Add the water and butter, and cook in the rice cooker until done. Add the frozen peas a few minutes before serving, and toss them in the hot rice. The heat of the rice will cook them to the perfect temperature. If desired, garnish with cilantro.

Chicken Paella [Taste.com.au]
  1. Place saffron in a small bowl. Add boiling water and set aside.
  2. Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a paella pan or a large, deep frying pan over medium-high heat. Add chorizo and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel.
  3. Add remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons oil, onion and garlic to pan. Cook for 2 minutes or until soft. Add chicken. Cook, turning often, for 5 to 6 minutes or until golden. Add wine and 1/2 cup stock. Reduce heat to medium. Simmer, uncovered, turning occasionally, over medium-low heat for 10 minutes or until almost all liquid has evaporated.
  4. Add rice, saffron mixture, tomatoes, paprika and 1 1/2 cups stock. Return to simmer and cook, uncovered, stirring occasionally to prevent mixture from catching on bottom of pan, for 15 minutes or until almost all liquid is absorbed.
  5. Add peas, chorizo and remaining 1/2 cup stock. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 5 to 8 minutes or until stock is just absorbed. Season with salt and pepper. Serve paella at the table from the pan.

The rice cooker is simply the best thing invented for rice lovers like us, don't you think? A cup of rice gives you energy and good calories for the day. Start cooking rice in a rice cooker now, you'll find it easy with simple rice cookers like Aroma or fuzzy logic rice cookers like Zojirushi rice cookers. 


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