My grandma was the best cook in my entire family, she has a way about keeping things old school, having all those tools that she got even before my parents were born, and it's a miracle that these things still stay usable after all those years. 

Every time she would remind either me or my mother that "you should always buy the best kitchen cookware, and when you do, you take good care of it, the kitchen will take good care of you too", clearly her choice of best cookware is no joke, and it's clear in how those things last and how great her food tastes.

Imagine starting out with a crappy pot that can't hold its temperature, you will end up with uneven heating, which of course leads to partially over or uncooked meals.

So the next time you have a hole in your pot or your cooking turns its ugly roasted rear at you, just remember that it's not entirely your fault.

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    January 2013